My work. My fans. MyNexus.

Regain control of your online business with MyNexus. This platform was designed with your goals in mind to help you engage with your followers and grow your income.

Connect your Nexus with your existing services to evaluate their efficacy and focus your efforts in areas that work for you. Maintain your audience across services that you already use and connect select services with your Nexus to track their efficacy in your personal dashboard. Change your host or payment services based on these results without losing followers, and track follower count, pledge counts, and other statistics from a variety of creator services in one place.

  • Showcase latest work in ongoing feed to followers

  • Allow users to follow you on Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, and more with a single click

  • Grow your community on your Nexus and prioritize the content you want them to see

  • Expand your fanbase by promoting new creations on your profile, content pages, and user feeds

  • Prioritize your preferred support avenues

  • Compatible with Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Patreon and more.

Who is MyNexus designed for? Creators or Fans?

The simple answer is both! Creators can create a community on MyNexus to help showcase their work with more control. Fans can meet their favorite creators on one platform to support their businesses in ways that work for them.

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