Everything you need to know about MyNexus

Who is MyNexus designed for? Creators or Fans?

The simple answer is both! Creators can create a community on MyNexus to help showcase their work with more control. Fans can meet their favorite creators on one platform to support their businesses in ways that work for them.

Why should I pay for MyNexus as a creator? Why isn’t it free?

MyNexus's goal is to make life better for content creators. To ensure that we're always working towards that goal, we will not chase ad revenue or other income streams that would ultimately displace creators as our top priority. By design, we want to depend on creators finding MyNexus a useful tool that is worth the cost.

Why should I create an account as a follower?

Support your favorite creators by joining them on their Nexus. They have chosen to showcase their work on MyNexus to combat limitations of traditional online platforms. By choosing MyNexus, your favorite artists get to control their creative freedom without worrying about complicated restrictive algorithms and brand deals.

How is it different than similar services like Patreon, Ko-fi, Wordpress or others?

MyNexus was designed with the person in mind. Many other services come with innate limitations the forces artist to limit or adjust their content to fit guidelines beyond their control. MyNexus hopes to protect creative freedom by providing a platform that leaves the power in the creator. No longer will you have to omit certain topics in your content, or create pieces you normally wouldn’t have to appease the platform you’re sharing on and protect your business.